I received a letter from my little sponsored child today! Marleth writes to me and her letters are filled with drawings and humour and snippets like ‘I like the smell of coconut soap’ and ‘I love my sister’. At the top of the letter she has drawn a very happy-looking mermaid, and a giant toadstool and two equally smiley caterpillars. Her letter is full of normal little girl stuff. And I, thank God, have been part of the process of giving her that. Marleth tells me she is well and that she was able to buy some clothes with the money I sent her as a gift. I have come to the conclusion that my little gifts, sent with the monthly letters, are keeping this little girl clothed. Her letters are so full of sparkle these days, far more than when we first began as sponsor and sponsored. We have a real relationship 🙂

It is a very humbling moment when you realise you are the source of new clothes for a little girl on the other side of the world. You are the source of her education, her chance of a future. Words cannot express how incredibly humbling it is when you realise that your monthly sponsorship, just £21 a month, is the difference between a life of nothing…

and a life of hope.

£21 a month

69p a day

£4.83 a week.

Less than a fiver

What else would you spend a fiver on in a typical week and not even notice that you’d spent it? For the same amount you can change a child’s life. It’s amazing!

Here’s how you can sponsor a child: