In 2010 I went back to college to do an Access to HE course. The plan was for me to then go onto university. I wanted to do a course at Hull, the only one of its kind in the country, called ‘Global Health and Humanitarian Relief’. I was so excited!

After a few months of being a student it became clear that mixing college with motherhood was just not going to work. I was exhausted and constantly making excuses to the children. I know from my own past that you don’t get ‘do-overs’ being a child. You get one chance. And I get one chance at being a good mum. So the situation had to change. Frank could not exactly give up his job, or work fewer hours, in order to let me study!

I decided to try the OU, which offers distance learning degrees. I always regretted never taking the A-level Maths exam, although I did study a fair bit of the material. So Maths was the obvious first choice. I have loved studying, though I found managing my time to be far harder than I had thought it would be. I think I’m only just getting to grips with it now, at the end of my course.

On to pastures new, and I have just signed up for my next Open University course, beginning in October. ‘Environment: journeys through a changing world.’