I read this on Special Needs Jungle the other day. It is so shocking there should be a national outcry. I share it here so that you may share too. If enough hearts are broken, maybe the people in power will DO something.

Special Needs Jungle

Today I’m bringing you a post about what I think is the most important issue in our society today – children in care, or “Looked After Children”.

The post is the edited text from a presentation by child psychologist, Charlie Mead at the Towards a Positive Future SEN conference a week ago. He spoke powerfully about the plight of these ‘Looked After Children’ or, as it would appear, not very well looked after children. Charlie works in many children’s homes in the Midlands and South West of England  and if you want to know about how he sees the state of provision of children in care – our most vulnerable members of society – please read on, share it, reblog it, quote it on your own blogs, anything you can do to help highlight it.


Children are being ignored, abandoned and abused within the care system.  The tension between  available…

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