During our recent holiday in darkest Lincolnshire (that’s the posh way of saying we spent a fortnight in a tent near Skegness), we happened upon an art exhibition in Alford. It was the highlight of the holiday. I can only remember having such a reaction to an artist’s work previously when I first became enchanted with Renoir and Esher as a teenager, and when I came across Canadian artist Kate Hansen in 2009.

There are subtle little similarities with Renoir, in the way she approaches her work, and similarities with Esher, in the playfulness and whimsy, but Julie Clulow says on her website that her chief inspiration is the little-known artist Samuel Palmer (at least, I hadn’t heard of him). I am amazed she is not more widely known as an artist. I fell absolutely head over heels in love with her work.

The way Julie paints is the way I want to write stories… which is about as succinct as you’ll get. I can’t explain it. Please do click the link above and discover her delightful, original work for yourself.

Just for fun, here’s one of my favourites by Renoir:






















And the poster for Kate Hansen’s Madonna and Child project:

Do you love art, music or poetry? Who is your favourite artist?