It has been pointed out to me that the word ‘feminism’ is often seen as synonymous with ‘man-hating’. There’s already a word for that; it is misandrist. I do not hate men (though given my past it’s more surprising that I don’t). Where I use the word ‘feminism’, I mean the pursuit, by women and/or for women, of the same respect and dignity afforded to men.

Personally, I’d like this to begin with recognition that a stay-at-home mother (or father) is doing at least as important a job as one in the workplace, if not more so (but that’s a blog post for another day).

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Fifty Shades of domestic violence, and yet some call it romance.

No, I haven’t read it. I wouldn’t usually dream of commenting on a book I haven’t read, so this is based on what other people have said, in various articles, and the small excerpt in an online newspaper. Although I have not read the book, this is one occasion when I will make an exception and say something.

Pornography has no place in a Christian marriage. Full stop. Glamourising violence against women has no place, either. Especially a very young woman and a manipulative older man. As the above article suggests, this is a very worrying trend.

I wasn’t subject to sexual violence during my first marriage, but manipulation by an older man into doing things I didn’t really want to do… yes! Followed by years of coercion, abuse and violence as time went by. The ex-husband…

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