My friends and family may know this stuff. Or they may not. The idea came from


1. I taught myself to cook when I was 14

I was home a lot due to ill health as a teenager and a little bit of cooking now and then made me feel good about myself and enabled me to learn, too. During the ‘dark years’ of my life, cooking became the one outlet for my creativity. I used to read cookery books with the same fervour as the bible. I was also, between the ages of 12 and 22, a vegetarian (pescetarian, strictly speaking, grammar-geeks-r-us ).


2. I went back to college in 2010 and I am now an undergraduate

After our marriage, it became possible for me to consider my own life, instead of always having to put myself last. I gained an Access to Higher Education Diploma, in Human Biology, Psychology and English Literature (the choice of subjects was limited). I didn’t learn much, frankly. It was a pants course and a pants college (putting it politely). However, what I did learn, because part of the assessment was giving presentations, was that I have a natural ability for public speaking 😉 And no, it had never, ever, remotely occurred to me prior to this that I’d be any good at speaking whatsoever!


I’ve since done an Open University Maths course, and am just about to start a course called Exploring Science. I love studying.


3. I write poetry and short stories

Part of the reason I love writing this blog is because it satisfies the ‘cravings’ of writing. I love writing with a passion that smoulders like an underground magma chamber. I have realised I am not just a would-be writer. I write for the same reason as the psalmist:


These things I remember as I pour out my soul…

Psalm 42:4

I am working towards my first book, however that will be accomplished. No rush.


4. My father is a Freeman of the City of London

This isn’t me, exactly, but it is pretty cool nonetheless. My own blessed father, professor extraordinaire (he’s quite a clever bloke, by all accounts), is also entitled to drive sheep across London Bridge, and some other weird stuff…


5. I’m quite clever too

You may or may not have noticed this one o_O


I try not to be aiming over people’s heads with what I say or write. What’s the point of that? About four years ago, when my self-worth was as low as it could get, my mother told me that when I entered the grammar school at the age of 11, I was number one. And that means not only was I number one among the 120 girls in my year, but also in the thousand or so (?) who also took the 11+ exam that year, and likely many of the boys who also took the exam, because girls always outperformed boys (I don’t know whether they still do).


I am in awe of this – there were some very, very clever girls in my class. I always assumed they were better than me. I wish I had known at the time. Might have made me respect myself a bit more. On the other hand, I might have grown, as some clever people stupidly do, to think I was worth more than those who weren’t as clever; which is moronic, because whoever earned, or chose, their intelligence?! I have come to the conclusion that the only thing to do is to make the most of all the gifts I have been given. Despite the horribleness of much of my life, I’ve been given innumerable gifts by a gracious, life-in-abundance Creator. I must make good use of what I have been given. I hope this blog is part of that.


(I hope none of the previous paragraphs sound pompous or pretentious. I can’t stand either. I wouldn’t have written it if I thought it did.)