Just a quick post because although we’ve moved successfully, we have no proper internet yet and I’m using a dongle.


Thank you to everyone who gave me words of support. The move went to plan. Kay was, again, a godsend. HRH survived, bless him, and is now happy with his new telly and second-hand wii.


I was exhausted and spent the following day in bed, sleeping, hardly able to move. I get like that sometimes. I don’t know why. Leftover from my teenage years of illness maybe.


Frank has just gone to his first day of work in his new job and I have an appointment to see the SEN team to talk about schools for HRH. Frank tells me that the only special school around here is for ‘profound and multiple learning disabilities’, which HRH doesn’t come under, and that all other SEN kids go to mainstream. I just laughed…


Watch this space, there may well be a blog post on that!