HRH’s SEN Statement says that he needs ‘lots of encouragement’.


Is there a patron saint of encouragement? She (I feel it must have been a ‘she’) took her lessons from me. For the past two hours I have been trying to get the boy to eat some lunch. I am wondering if tearing my hair out would be a good look.

Forget the EU winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I should get the Nobel Prize for Encouragement.

With all the outpouring of grace in my life (credit where credit’s due) I have not lost my temper. My mouth is just set in an unusual manner. A bit like this:

McKayla Maroney, US gymnast, after she sat out her vault and missed Olympic gold

I had to phone and cancel my OU course this morning, due to these ‘unforeseen circumstances’. I can start again in February, they said. This has also led to the above facial expression becoming pretty fixed.

Aside: McKayla Maroney is one of my favourite gymnasts in the world. She is wonderful to watch. No wonder she was disappointed with herself at the medal ceremony. I hope she wins the vault gold next time around. I never got to see the Olympic gymnastics, but I did get to see Britain win gold in the team showjumping after a baited-breath jump-off against the Dutch. One of the riders was Nick Skelton, whose poster I had on my wall as a teenager (I liked horses, not men in their 30’s – just to be clear). He is now in his 50’s and one of the oldest Olympic medallists. Fantastic experience! 

I’m still waiting for HRH to finish eating… <sigh>