• Exposing children to sexual content before they are of an age to understand is abusive.
  • It is forbidden in schools and colleges, yet your local shop will happily have sexualised images in full view.
  • As the years go by, the pictures are becoming more and more explicit.
  • Exposing children to sexualised content makes vulnerable children more open to exploitation and teaches boys to view the opposite sex as objects.

Click the link to sign the petition. Let’s get explicit ‘Lads Mags’ covered with a modesty wrap.

Incidentally, if you think ‘it does no harm’, that’s exactly what they said in the 70s, when the Paedophile Information Exchange (yes, such a thing existed openly!) got together with the NCCL (now Liberty) to propose that images of childhood sexual abuse were harmless unless it was proven to be causing damage to a child. You may be surprised to learn that this campaign was promoted by none other than Harriet Harman!

While I keep my political inclinations private, this report from The Telegraph  recently was just as shocking as the Savile revelations:


You can read more about Harriet Harman and Liberty’s past association with paedophiles here: